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Sherri T. Davis

Managing Member

I have been in the business for 29 years. I have worked with some great attorneys before my time in the title business. I opened Select Title & Escrow, LLC in July of 2006. This job is a passion of mine (and my children say it is my 3rd and favorite child) although I enjoy time with my grandchildren and watching sports, especially my alma-mater Ole Miss. 

Nothing inspires me more than knowing that Realtors, lenders, and homeowners are entrusting me with someone’s single largest and most important investment. I love to see the joy on the client’s face at closing as we finalize the deal. I especially love to see first time homebuyers as I hand them the keys to their very first home. 

My Daddy was the most instrumental in making me who I am today. He was tough and hardworking but always fair. Daddy taught me to treat everyone the same. “No one is better than you, but you aren’t better than anyone else” is what he always said, and I try to keep this in mind as I work daily. He also taught me to give 110% to everything I do.

I really enjoy the puzzle solving and detective work that is often involved in clearing titles. I can’t wait to work on your next investment.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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