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Kymberleigh D. Riley

Officer Manager/Marketing

I am a Southaven native! DeSoto County is my home, and the Mid-south is my backyard. I have a passion for this community. 

I have been around real estate and title since I was young. My mother, Sherri, has been in this business for 29 years, and I have been working in the background with her since the age of 15.  The agents and lenders have become like my family.  I grew up watching her make sure each job was done right while protecting the buyer, repairing any title issues, and doing everything she could to assist the agents and lenders.  

While my mom has a passion for title work, I have a passion for those I have become friends with over the years. I am tied to this industry, but I am also tied to those that I have come to know as family.  I'm excited to be moving into this role and out of the background. 

My passions include making sure that our office runs smoothly and our employees know that they too have found a home here at Select Title. I want to see everyone succeed, and I'm here for you. 

If I can do anything for you as an agent or lender, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always searching for the best way to assist you. 

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